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current affairs in telugu ADARSHA RYTHU

current affairs in teluguADARSHA RYTHU

AP introduced the Adarsha Rythu system in the year 2007-08.The main objective behind the identification of Adarsha Rythus is to create a nodal functionary between the farmers and extension staff of agriculture and other line departments to help bridge the gap between the scientific know how and field level to know.49,161 Adarsha Rythus were deployed as against the target of 50,000 in the state to strengthen extension services in the State.
                       There are about 39,804 Adarsha Rythus working in the state presently.Adarsha Rythus assist extension staff in implementation of schemes like Polam Badi.Seed village Programme,Organic farming,Rashtriya Krishi Vikasa Yojana,National Food Security Mission etc.
                        Adarsha Rythus are involved in day to day actions with regard to schemes and technology subsidized input availability & procedures to avail the same,the broad regulatory mechanism for inputs and steps to be tak…